Business Solutions

No-Cost Evaluations

See us for a no-cost evaluation of your business, church, or non-profit’s technological needs or existing infrastructure.

We provide the following professional services at reasonable costs, and with time efficient delivery.

VoiP Installations

Upgrade your existing phone system to a modern Voice Over IP (VOIP) system. If you have a broadband connection to your business, we can replace your entire single or multi-line system with one that allows you to get rid of your current phone bill but keep your phone number!

Network and Wireless Upgrades

Upgrade or improve your internal network. We offer secure solutions that incorporate unlimited storage and backup capacities, and access-everywhere information systems.

Is your WiFi or network slow? Let us suggest some improvements that are both cost effective and robust!

Business Security

We install and support modern IP based Security Camera systems with remote storage and viewing capabilities

Not sure if your needs are being met?

We do our best to provide and ensure our services at reasonable costs, and with time-efficient delivery.